Gotta get mine mc breed download

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Gotta get mine mc breed

Name: Gotta get mine mc breed

File size: 374mb

Upload: 9.2.2015

Language: Eng

Rating: 10/10

File format: EXE



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Everytime I pick up a mic and start spittin The sidewalks of New York will start bumpin Jumpin around, with the motherfuckin pound And I'm down to the fullest, and breakin niggas ass off proper Did I shock you, cause I got you in my pocket again Them new jacks and you jacks Who knew me and my niggas, when I used to run it way back when I boasted, and roasted, and coasted to the pinnacle Because of what I do with a pen It's vernacular precision Connect the two lines and it's division Plus, when I add lutes and flutes It's guaranteed to sell like prostitutes I never had love for hoes who put it blunt And want me in the back, but, bitch, I'm in the front! We'll have things fixed soon. Your shit around my back It's a westside bang fucking hoes around the map Get down with Tupac while I'm?

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